Let's Work Together

Simple Ad Swap
This is a 30 day button swap. A completely free sponsorship! All I ask in return is that you display my button on your blog and follow me on Bloglovin'. I'll return the favor and follow you as well. It's a win-win for us both. 

200x200px Banner. Ads begins on the first of each month. Only 3 spaces available at a time. 

Work In Progress Critique
Are you having trouble writing a blog post, novel, or short story? Do you want feedback on your work from someone other than your mom or spouse?

I would love to help you!
Allow me to read  up to 10 pages (approximately 4,000 words) of your creative work, and within a week I will email you my top five tips and suggestions to improve your writing. I know it can be scary having your heart work-in-progress read and dissected, but constructive feedback is the path to improvement. 

Document must be submitted through email as either a Word or Google document.

In-post Introduction
Get introduced to my readers! There will be an image of you and a brief description of your blog at the bottom of a post shared during the week, along with your social media links. This is a great choice because anyone who reads this post has the chance to click over to your blog. 

Please provide me with an image, a brief description of you and your blog, and any social media links you would like to include. 

Available for only 2 bloggers per month.

Sidebar Ad and Social Media Shout-Out
This spot runs for 30 days and will sit at the top of my sponsors list. (Located in the right sidebar) It includes an in-post introduction, as well as one shout-out on both my Simple Luck blog Instagram account and my Simple Luck Blog Facebook. Shout-outs may include: promoting your blog, new or past posts, your social media accounts, and/or your shop.

200x200px Banner. Only 1 available per month.

Product Review
Are you a restaurant or shop owner? Have an Etsy shop or a product you know my readers will love?
Let's host a giveaway together!

An entire blog post will be dedicated to your product/restaurant's review and giveaway. The giveaway and your social media links will also be featured on both my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

You'll send me two of your products, one to feature in a blog post and one to give away to a lucky winner. The giveaway will be held through Rafflecopter and will feature your social media links to help you gain exposure.

This price is for a limited time.

Sponsor Options

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring/advertising with Simple Luck. Please reach out to me at my email address candnjr(at)gmail.com so that we can work out all the details together.

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