Fast Metabolism Diet Results

In the last five years, I've gained some weight. Was I miserable? No. But I wasn't exactly thrilled about it either.

In the past, I thought if I ate relatively healthy and then worked out everyday that I would lose weight. But I had been working out consistently for a couple months, and my weight loss seemed minimal.  That's when I knew the problem was with my eating.

2016 had been a especially tough year on us and with the 2017 New Year approaching, I decided that I had enough of pursuing my goals half heartily. I wanted 2017 to be different. No more coasting along with mediocrity.

Right around that time, my mom started telling me how she had lost weight doing what's called The Fast Metabolism Diet.

What is the Fast Metabolism Diet?

The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

Guys, I NEVER thought I'd be that person to promote a cheesy celebrity diet. I've never liked the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet or even Weight Watchers. I didn't believe in "diets", I just believed in having a health lifestyle. (Or what I thought was healthy.) But The Fast Metabolism Diet helped me lose 8 pounds in four weeks and drop from 27.3% body fat to 25.8%.

I know those numbers aren't crazy big - but remember it was only 4 weeks.

So how does it work?  

For 28 days you are not allowed to eat:

Sugar - all refined sugar. (Just 2 teaspoons of refined sugar can inhibit your weight loss for 3-4 days.)
Wheat - bread, crackers, rolls, cereals, etc.
Dairy - milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.
Corn - corn tortillas, corn chips, corn cereals, cornstarch, popcorn, etc.
Soy - tofu, meat substitutes, processed foods containing soy, etc.
Dried Fruit or Fruit Juices
Artificial Sweeteners

There are 3 phases of the diet, and you cycle through different phases of eating every couple days. This creates what some people refer to as "diet confusion" for your body, allowing it to drop excess weight.

Phase 1 focuses on eating: carbs, high amounts of fruits, moderate amounts of protein and no fat.
Phase 2 focuses on eating: high amount of protein, high amounts of vegetables, no carbs, and no fat.
Phase 3 focuses on eating: low amounts of fruit, moderate amounts of carbs and protein,  high amounts of healthy fat.

You cycle through these phases for 28 days at a time, which allows your metabolism to heal it's self. It sounds weird, but it worked for me.

I feel very vulnerable posting these pictures online, and I debated about whether or not to share them because:
1. It's really scary to put yourself out there for everyone to see.
2. The bikini I'm wearing is super old (about ten years old).
3. I haven't been out in the sun and I didn't take the time to apply a fake tan. So yes - I'm really pale.
4. These pictures aren't the best quality. They were taken with a cell phone camera.

So even after thinking about all the reasons NOT to post these pictures I decided that I'm still really proud of myself for sticking with a difficult goal. More importantly though, I decided that I wanted to share my progress with you because maybe the story I have to share and the small pieces of advice I have to give will help you on your own journey?

Interested in Learning more?

If you are interested in learning more about the diet and it's different phases, I would highly recommend getting the book: The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight. (I carried this thing around for two weeks.)

You can also find out more about the diet on Pintrest. I've pinned a few infographics to my "Good Food" board. Check those out here.

My Tips for Completing the Diet:

Do a "Prep" Week:
Do not attempt this diet without first doing a "prep" week. 

Take a week before starting the diet to get off of caffeine and sugar. I wish I would have done this because I think it would have been an easier transition. 

Also, clear everything out of your freezer that you won't be eating. Buy freezer containers, and make at least two different types of  soups and the chicken, rice, and veggie bowls to freeze for later. (This is the only way that I survived!) My mom and I also made some homemade beef jerky to eat as snacks during the high protein phases. 

Plan  Your Meals in Advance:

Every Friday I would sit down and chart out all of my meals and snacks for the next week. Whenever I could, I would plan something that I could eat for dinner one night, and then for lunch the next day. It doesn't always workout because of the different phases you transition through, but it did save me some time. Then I'd make a list of all the items that I needed to get from the grocery store and get them late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Stay One Day Ahead:
Every evening, I would look at what I was planning to eat the next day and then make any of the meals or prep any of the food that night.  This would include chopping up any fruits or vegetables and cooking any of the meat/rice/vegetable for the next night's dinner. And I always-always packed my lunch the night before.

Drinks Lots of Water:
Do you know how you'll sometimes think about food, but you're not really hungry, you just like the idea of eating? That's a good time to drink water. Lots of it. 

I was drinking an average of 13 cups of water a day. 

Fight Sugar Cravings:
Whenever I'd get cravings for sweets I'd just chew on a piece of minty gum, and then remind myself that it's only for 28 days. 

Promise Yourself: 
You might think it's cheesy or stupid, but the day before you start the diet look at yourself eye-to-eye in the mirror and promise yourself that you're going to do this no matter what. Get pumped about it.  

Then later on when you start feeling weak or discouraged, remember that you promised yourself you would do it, and there's not much that's worse than the feeling you get when you let yourself down.

My Week-by-Week Experience:

Week 1 - January 9th. 
So. Much. Cooking.  I didn't work out because all my time was consumed by cooking food.

Also the sugar withdrawals were horrible. I had no idea how addicted to sugar I had become until I stopped eating it. 

It might sound crazy, but it was "freeing" to be released from my sugar addiction. I normally don't eat a lot of candy or sugary treats, but I had gotten to a point where every day I would have a little "pick-me-up"  to get me through the afternoon. I also started wanting a little treat almost every night after dinner. I would justify all of this by telling myself that I was working out and eating healthy for the most part, so there wasn't a reason to worry about being a little indulgent.


On the fourth day of the diet, I became the grumpiest person because of the sugar withdrawals. I felt so tired and sluggish. In the afternoons, when I would have normally had a little piece of candy, my energy levels tanked.  I hadn't realized how much I was relying on that little burst of sugar to get me through the day.   

I also think that maybe some of my fat was storing toxins, and that when my fat was used up the toxins were released? I was sick to my stomach and dizzy on the fourth and fifth day. 

The first week was by far the worst for me.

Week 2 - January 16th.
In the second week, I finally started to feel like myself again. 

I noticed that my energy levels throughout the day were higher and steadier than they had been in years. I used to hit my snooze button 3 or 4 times, but by the second week I had no problem getting out of bed in the morning. It was crazy how much more energized I felt. 

I was able to get two workouts in this week, and had enough energy to finish them strong.

I also noticed that my clothes were beginning to fit better and that my stomach no longer felt bloated.

Week 3 - January 23rd.
This was the most discouraging week because I actually gained weight. So I switched one of my phase 3 days for an additional phase 2 day and that seemed to help because I lost 4 lbs in five days. 

My taste buds had drastically changed by the third week. All of the food I was eating tasted amazing and the diet was becoming easier and easier to do. 

I was able to get three workouts in this week. 

My jeans started to have a lose fit, and I noticed that my thighs and arms were looking smaller. 

Week 4. - January 30th. 
I actually got sick with a head cold this week. I didn't workout at all, but I still followed the diet. 

My goal weight had been to get down to 115 lbs and 24% body fat. I didn't reach that goal, and I wonder if I wouldn't have gotten sick if I could have made it. 

My Weight/Fat Loss Throughout the Diet:

January 7th    126.8    Body Fat 27.3
January 12th  124.2    Body Fat 26.7
January 15th  124.0    Body Fat 26.7
January 19th 123.2     Body Fat 26.6
January 23rd 124.0     Body Fat 28.6
January 27th 120.4     Body Fat 25.3
February 3rd 118.8     Body Fat 25.8

Final Thoughts:

Am I now going to look like those Instagram-famous fitness girls? Nope. Not anytime soon. I don't have a six pack and my thighs are still thicker than I'd like them to be. But it's progress that I'm happy with. (I now weigh about the same as when I got married.) 

Am I a better person now that I've lost weight? Am I more kind, compassionate, and loving? No that part of my personality hasn't changed at all, but I am more confident in myself and my ability to do difficult things.

I will probably try the diet again in a few months to see if I can reach my goal weight. But for now I'd like to focus on some of my other goals. (I do worry about getting stuck in that mindset where nothing is ever good enough. Ya know?) 

If you're thinking to yourself that you'd like to try The Fast Metabolism Diet, but it just seems to hard - then please understand that I felt the exact same way! I just couldn't image life without wheat, or cheese. But then I read this blog post and it gave me the inspiration I needed to reach for my goals. It's written by a girl who completed the diet a couple years ago. Go check it out if you're looking for some motivation. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'd also love to hear about your weight loss success stories and your healthy lifestyle habits. What works for you?