Other 2016 Adventures

This is my 101 published blog post!

I'm really excited about the milestone, but looking back I feel like the purpose of why I keep this blog has shifted a little bit.

I originally wanted to use this space as a place to connect with others and to share encouraging thoughts about life and love - but it was never my intention to blog solely about my personal life. (If that makes any sense.)

Now it seems like my personal life is all I’m writing about on here.

Which is ok, I guess. I do like having this blog as sort of an online journal. Although I worry that maybe I’m sharing too much of my life publicly online? (So I may share less of my personal life on here- or not. I haven’t decided yet.) So even though I have mixed feelings, I still want to finish up a small review of our life in 2016. There were a few personal experiences that I never blogged about, but felt like I should mention them for the sake of journaling.

So this post is going to be a random mash-up of the things that happened throughout the year that I haven't blogged about before.

Here we go....

This year, my sister Chantel and I decided that we'd like to start an online business together. We've been working on it for a few months now, but we're not ready to reveal it yet.

I've been devoting all my "spare" time to creating the content and building the website on WordPress. (Which is very different from Blogger) But I'm excited for this new adventure, and hope to launch it before summer.  


In June we went to the Garland Salmon Fry with my mom and sisters. Mom showed us some of the old places she used to hang out at when she was in High School, including Mack's Family Drive-in. It was really fun to see the house she grew up in and the places from her past. We were stuffed from the Salmon Fry, but of course we had to get some ice-cream. 

I really wanted to do a post all about Mack's for the "Only Here - Utah Food" blog series, but it didn't happen. Hopefully I go back this next summer, get more pictures, and do a full post on it.


J.R.'s sister won tickets for an "after hours party" at the Living Plant Aquarium and was nice enough to invite us along. They were celebrating Shark Week on the Discovery Channel so they gave us these goofy shark hats.

We'd never been to the aquarium before, and we really enjoyed (almost) having the place to ourselves. 


Our home got new windows! 

This was a really stressful day, but it was worth it in the end. 

The windows in our home were really old and desperately needed to be replaced. One of the upstairs window leaked, and most of the edges of the downstairs windows had been painted over so they couldn't even open. 

It's hard to see in this photo, but they had to cut out the big window in our kitchen piece by piece. They used glass cutters (which look a lot like box cutters) and cut one foot squares out of the window a little bit at a time. 

We also had to drill a new outlet for our dryer vent into our home's foundation. (And when I say we, I mean J.R.) 

It was really interesting to watch the whole thing, and this heavy block of concrete is what came of it. 


This summer we accidentally fell into the bunny business. Ha!

Here's the real story, someone didn't want their rabbits anymore so they abandoned them in field surrounding my mom's property. Well next thing we know, there are rabbits everywhere! They would burrow into the hay and dig dens under the barns. And they started to dig up my mom's backyard grass and eat all of the flowers she had planted.

So instead of trying to kill them, I convinced my mom we should capture them and then try to sell them at the auction. I wasn't expecting to make any money. But at least we'd get them off the property and maybe make a few dollars.

(Apparently you have to wear blue when catching rabbits.)

Well the first two rabbits that we caught had babies the next day! So we kept them around until the babies were old enough to be on their own. I told my mom, "At least they didn't give birth to their babies under the barn. Imagine all the new bunnies we'd have to catch."

It was so much fun watching these little guys grow, and it was hard not to get attached to them. 

We've caught over a dozen bunnies, and so far we've been able to sell them all. But I know there's more out in the field and that this will be an on going project.  (And yes, I realize that the people who buy them at the auction probably kill them, but at least I don't have to do it.) 


This September we sold the Jeep and bought a truck. It's not our dream truck but we're still really excited about it.


J.R.'s grandpa passed away over 15 years, but during his life he was an artist and made his living by selling paintings. The only paintings of his that I've ever seen were the ones that hang in the family homes. 

Well in October we found one of his paintings at a wedding reception "barn" in Lindon. The women who owns it said that she and her husband had loved watching J.R.'s grandpa paint, and that they had saved up their money to buy one when they were first married. 

It was amazing to see his art still being enjoyed by other people. It made me realize that each piece of his art was almost like an extension of himself, and that his art has granted him a small piece of immortality. 


J.R. turned 30 this year! And we were lucky enough to celebrate his birthday in Disneyland. (Because he'll always be young at heart.) 

(I feel like I should have written an entire post dedicated to our trip, but it just didn't happen.) We had such an amazing trip though! J.R. and I flew into California, so the two of us got to spend one whole day together in Disneyland before his family arrived. It was pretty magical.

For his birthday, he wanted to try a "Darth by Chocolate" dessert. It was out of this world delicious! If you ever find yourself in Disneyland (and you like chocolate) then make sure you get one! You won't regret one penny you spend or one calorie you consume - it's that good.

A list of other memorable moments in Disneyland: 

- J.R. and I had about 15 minutes until our next Fast Past, so we decided to stroll around the Mark Twain river boat. It was like a designated Couples Only Area. Ha! So many couples cuddling together, taking things slow. We leisurely made our way to the top deck to look out across the "Rivers of America". We were up there enjoying the view, when we noticed someone with a really nice DSLR camera taking pictures of a younger guy and a girl towards the front of the boat. All of a sudden the guy dropped to one knee and pulled a ring out of his back pocket. The girl was able to say yes in-between all of her happy tears, so the guy jumped up from his knee and pulled her into a giant hug that lifted her feet of the ground. All the while, their friend with the camera kept snapping pictures of them. Then they waved him over and the three of them had a group hug.  They really looked so happy, and it was sweet to see something like that. J.R. and I started clapping, and then slowly moved away to give them their own private moment.  

- One night, we were riding Big Thunder Mountain when the fireworks started. The timing was perfect, and it made the ride even better! (Which I didn't think was possible.)

- At Radiator Springs Racers, we had just climbed into our car and got buckled in when the ride broke down. They had us wait a moment because they weren't sure if it was just a delay or actually broken. But we couldn't get out of the car even if we wanted to! We were seat-belted in and the seat belts only release when the computer tells them to.  After a good 10 minutes they completely shut down the ride, then they had to manually reset each car so that the seat-belts would release us. It was kind of a let down, because no-one in J.R.'s family had been on the ride before, but the workers were able to give us an extra Fast Pass ticket for the ride later that day. 

-Matterhorn Mountain had been closed the entire time we were there, but on our last night they reopened it! They had redone the sleds for a smoother ride. Plus enhanced the "Abominable Snowman". I had never ridden this ride at night and it was so much more fun! The Abominable Snowman totally  scared  surprised us! We laughed and laughed about it afterwards.


The older I get the more I feel like the years are all running into each other, and I have a hard time remembering what events happened in what year. (Please tell me I'm not the only one that struggles with this.)

But I feel like updating this blog has given me the chance to review life and keep a record of our experiences. No matter how simple or mundane they may seem to others. 

After all, it's the little moments collected over time that build a life.