The Curse is Broken

August 28th, 2016 will go down in the history books as 
the day that J.R.'s fishing curse was finally broken!

It was a beautiful cloudy day, so we packed up our Jeep and met up with my Dad 
for a day of fishing. We went up to one of our favorite places on the Mirror Lake Highway. 
We'd camped at this little lake before, but we'd never brought our fishing poles until now.

We started fishing after eating lunch, and there were already groups of people who’d hit
their limit for the day. So with high hopes we threw out our lines and waited.

J.R. was skeptical (like he always is about fishing. Ha) But then sun went behind the clouds and my dad got a bite. As he reeled it in, I became more hopeful that today would be the day to break the curse, and a moment later J.R. was pulling his own out of the water! I couldn't believe it. 

When he started to reel it in, I was jumping up and down like we'd won the lottery.

"You caught a fish! Oh my gosh. You got one. You caught a fish!"  
(I probably embarrassed him. haha)

It was a tiny little Tiger Trout.
J.R. said, "Great. My first fish and it's the littlest one in the lake."

Haha. But it doesn't matter! 

The curse was broken, and for the first time in 
a long time, J.R. was excited about fishing again. 

We can't wait to come back here next summer.  
Maybe we'll even get to do some ice fishing again before then.

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  1. That is the first fish he's ever caught?! Wow! What an exciting moment, haha. I remember my first fish, just a tiny little brown trout.