Lucky List 5

These posts are titled, "Lucky List." They're just small moments throughout the week that made me happy - moments that I feel lucky to have experienced.

Monster Truck Jam:

Our best friends got free tickets to the Monster Truck Jam, and they invited us along for the fun.
 (Yes - we are the type of people that get excited about monster tucks. Yee Yee!)
We sat next to one of their little boys, who loved every second of it! Seeing his excitement was the best part of the night.


We received an electric guitar and the Playstation video game Bandfuse as a Christmas gift this year. 
Oh-my-gosh, this game is soo much fun! It's kind of like Rockband, except you're playing with a real guitar. J.R. and I spent so much time playing, that we've started to get blisters on our fingers.

Anyways, one of the songs that you can learn to play is Blink-182's "All The Small Things".   
We love Blink-182. (No Shame. We still rock out to them like we're 15.) 

Well, I was playing their song for the first time and when I started hitting all the notes J.R. was stunned. He said, "You're playing Blink - this has got to be the hottest thing I've seen you do." 


Blog Success:

I'm happy to say I've been having more blog success lately. I've already had more views this year than I have any other year. whoo hoo!

New Music: 

And lastly,  I found one of my new favorite songs! They aren't even playing this one on the radio yet, but it's gonna be a huge hit when they do. It's called "Back to Me" by A Thousand Horses. I first heard this song while listening to their album "Southernality" on iTunes. 

Unfortunately, the only cut I can find of it on YouTube is a live version, and it doesn't sound quite as good. But if you like county music, then give it a listen. 


(Click here if the video doesn't work for you) 


What moments have you felt lucky to have experienced lately? 
I'd love to hear about them. 

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  1. i love these "happy lists" it's such a good idea - and i LOVE that song! thanks for sharing!