What Running a Half Marathon Taught Me About Life.

Whether you're running a long distance race, or just having a tough time in life, these pieces of advice apply equally to both: 

Your mental stamina, and a good attitude are the most important things.

Just Breath. . Seriously deep breaths. It'll get better.

Friends make unpleasant situations almost fun.

The right shoes are more important than you think.

Dreams do come true, and goals can be accomplished, 
but you have to work at it everyday. 

Its really hard, but it's worth it. 


What has running taught you about life?

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  1. This may sound so cheesy but when I ran my last half marathon I remember getting close to the finish line and seeing all the people cheering and realizing what I had accomplished and tearing up a little bit, haha. I guess the thing I have learned from running is mainly discipline. I have learned that hard work really does pay off!