More Than Beautiful

Our Instagram feeds (and the internet in general) are over saturated with beautifully staged, flawless pictures and posts.

Do you ever crave something more than just beauty? Does your heart ever seek for something more?

I know mine does.

Chantelystudios and I (together with you) are hoping to create a change.

We believe as women, we can offer more to this world than beauty; we can contribute to something more meaningful.

#morethanbeautiful is a new Instagram hashtag focused on opening our hearts and building a community of women who have something more than just beautiful pictures to share. Women who have something meaningful to share.

We want to see past your perfect pictures and read what your heart and mind have to say. Share something with us that's inspirational, educational, entertaining, or heartbreaking. We want our hearts touched and our minds opened. We want to know the real you.

How does #morethanbeautiful work?

Each Monday a prompt for the week will be posted on our Instagram accounts. It will be a single word to help guide you. Then you can post anytime during the week using the hashtag to share something with us that is more than beautiful. It doesn't have to be profound; simple messages often have the greatest impact. 

Everyone is invited to participate. This hashtag is about meaningful connections. 

Join us. Share with us. Contribute to something more.

(The first prompt will be given Monday November 9th)


  1. I love this idea! Checking out the hashtag right now!

  2. what an awesome idea! i feel like i am constantly bombarded with people complaining about how we are all fake, how social media is not real, etc but i like that you are DOING something about it!