Halloween 2015

I know November is almost over - but I still wanted to post about our Halloween party!
It was crazy busy but so much fun!

Looking at this picture makes my heart happy. These are my adorable sisters and their kids. From left to right there is Cinderella, Barbie, a Flower Child, a Rodeo Clown and a little Bull. .

I love seeing how creative people are when they making their own Halloween costumes. They always turn out way better than the typical store bought ones!


I wish I would have had more time to take pictures of all the decorations. My husband and his family went all out transforming our front yard into a cemetery. You can see below that there are two coffins, plus hand made wooden-cross grave markers. At night my husband has a fog machine going and plays scary music to give it an even creepier atmosphere. 

I'm so grateful that both of our families love to get together and celebrate the holidays.  


Do you have a favorite homemade Halloween costume? I'd love to hear about it.  

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  1. Looks so much fun! I found your blog on anchors aweigh. Saw you were a twin! Me too! So I thought I would come over and follow along! Cute blog! Xo