Blind Burger Challenge

In the last six months or so J.R. and I started watching a YouTube channel called Good Mythical Morning. Guys - if you haven't watched Rhett and Link before you are missing out on some major laughs! One of our favorite videos of theirs is the "Blind Burger Challenge."

To start the challenge you have to buy cheese burgers from five different fast food restaurants. We used: McDonald's, Wendy's, Carl's Jr., In and Out, and Burger King. (Sense there were going to be 6 people all together, we bought three burgers from each fast food restaurant and then cut each burger into quarters.)

We ordered cheese burgers with ketchup only from each restaurant (except In and Out had their special sauce) because we thought it would make it a more difficult challenge. By ordering them with ketchup only, the other toppings wouldn't give it away. (You know, like how McDonald's hamburgers have chopped onions and Carl's Jr uses rings?)

The first level of the challenge is to be able to taste a hamburger (while blind folded) and then name the fast food restaurant where the hamburger is from.

In the second level of the challenge, a "Frankenstein"  hamburger is created. The top bun is from one burger, the meat and cheese from a different hamburger, and the bottom bun from yet another. In this challenge, the participate is blindfolded and must guess which hamburger each "layer" is from.

The guys split up when buying the hamburgers so that we could try and eat them while they were all still warm. Here's a pic of all the greasy goodness.

I don't know exactly why, but this challenge is so funny! Maybe it's because we did boys vs girls and had our significant other feed us while we were blindfolded. I'm not sure, but all I know is that we each laughed through the whole thing.

Plus, the challenge is so much harder than you think. I honestly thought that most of my answers were right - but I only got two out of five! 

The only people to guess five for five during the first challenge was my husband and one of my girl friends. To break the tie, they moved on to the "Franken-Burger" challenge - and the girls came out victorious! My friend was able to guess all three layers of the Franken-Burger correctly! haha I still can't believe she did it. 


Have you ever done a challenge like this? How well do you think you'd do if you tried it? 

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