Blind Burger Challenge

In the last six months or so J.R. and I started watching a YouTube channel called Good Mythical Morning. Guys - if you haven't watched Rhett and Link before you are missing out on some major laughs! One of our favorite videos of theirs is the "Blind Burger Challenge."

To start the challenge you have to buy cheese burgers from five different fast food restaurants. We used: McDonald's, Wendy's, Carl's Jr., In and Out, and Burger King. (Sense there were going to be 6 people all together, we bought three burgers from each fast food restaurant and then cut each burger into quarters.)

We ordered cheese burgers with ketchup only from each restaurant (except In and Out had their special sauce) because we thought it would make it a more difficult challenge. By ordering them with ketchup only, the other toppings wouldn't give it away. (You know, like how McDonald's hamburgers have chopped onions and Carl's Jr uses rings?)

The first level of the challenge is to be able to taste a hamburger (while blind folded) and then name the fast food restaurant where the hamburger is from.

The Knolls Utah


We feel so blessed to have been able to spend the day riding around The Knolls with our friends. 

J.R. used to ride before he went on his mission, and we just haven't been able to buy him a new "toy" sense then. But my little sister and her husband let us use their Polaris RZR -  which lived up to all of our expectations.  

Tracking the travel of the sun was impossible with the cloud cover, so time felt endless and the amount of open space limitless. Each of us with salt and a smile on our lips. An infinity of wind, dust, and freedom. Reminiscent of childhood days when the concept of time didn't exist, and the only purpose in life was to explore this world with your friends.

And there was a lot to explore! Out on the salt flats, people have built some quirky and amazing structures. I didn't even get pictures of all of them!

September - The Moon and Us.

September 27, 2015

In a few minutes there will be a Blood Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse. A rare astronomical event. Many speculate that it's a sign of "the end of times".  The ushering in of the end of the world.

But today has already held a significant ending. An end to a special hope. An end to a future life.

My body feels tired as I sit in a rocking chair facing the east window in our living room. The night is quiet and still, everyone waiting.

 I watch the light slowly drain from the moon and the darkness envelope her.

It's then I realize everything in this world must pass through darkness - even the moon. But what if the moon never reflected light again? What if the moon was somehow swallowed up in the darkness? 

Watching the moon, I can't help but ponder the last two days. My thoughts return to Friday morning. The beginning of the end.