Hot Time

July 7th 2015

Mom sent me a text at around 5:00 am that read, "Our barn burnt down last night but we're ok."
I sat up in bed, squinting my eyes as they adjusted to the back light of my phone, and read the text three more times.  My sleepy mind unsure if I was awake.

Our barn? Our barn burnt down?
With a pounding heart I called mom.
Her voice seemed tired but I could hear an edge of adrenaline.
"Yes. We're Ok. Yes. Penny is fine. Yes. The house and the neighbors property are fine.
Four alarm fire, four fire trucks. We're lucky it wasn't worse. Heavenly Father was really watching out for us."

Deep breaths.

 "No. I don't think you need to call into work. We're ok"  

I can tell when she's lying.
I pulled into their driveway an hour later. 
The smell of fire and ash thick in the air. 

It really did burn down.

Smoke was still rising from the pile of charcoal, so mom placed a 
sprinkler on it to help prevent any new flames from jumping back to life. 

The barn that burnt was where we normally kept our cows. We had placed sawdust in the barn as bedding which only fed the fire as it ripped through the structure. 

We were all grateful that at we hadn't purchased any cows this year, or
we would have lost them in a devastating way.  

In the picture below, the fence on the right is the
property line between our property and our neighbors.
We're still not sure how the fire didn't jump the fence, but we're all grateful it didn't.

Our family will forever be grateful to everyone who helped us this day. Everyone from the excited firefighters, to the random stranger, to all of our family and friends who took the time to help us dig out the smoldering floor of the barn.

There were so many miracles that took place and we all believe that Heavenly Father was looking over us, our neighbors, and the animals.


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