DIY Instagram Photo Display Frame

We finally finished the DIY photo display that 
I've had on my "to do list" for over three months!

I have a horrible case of perfectionism when it 
comes to hanging things on the walls at our house.
It's silly to admit it out loud, but I always worry that 
however I choose to decorate it won't be good enough. 
So the spaces on our walls remain empty.
 (I know- first world problem. Ha)

I had ordered prints of my Instagram feed with 
the intention of displaying them in our home.

It was going to buy this from Amazon but then I 

found an awesome square frame at Deseret Industries 
and decided I wanted to make a display instead. 

The things you'll need for this project are 
pretty straight forward:

-Photos (duh) 
- An empty frame (We spray painted this one green)  
-A staple gun
-Small decorative clothes pins
-Measuring tape or ruler

We arranged the photos within the frame to gauge
 where we would need to run the twine across. 


Then J.R. used the staple gun to place the twine 
exactly where we wanted it. 
I tied the twine in knots around the staple and J.R. used 
a measuring tape to staple the twine exactly the 
same distance on the other side of the frame. 
So our "lines" would be straight. 

Once we had finished running the twine across, 
we realized that they were still to loose.
 With the weight of the clips and photos - 
the whole thing sagged. 

To fix the problem, J.R. just did a second staple right under the original one to pull the twine even tighter. 


It worked like a charm. 

I love how this project turned out!
One thing we are most excited about is how easy it 
will be to switch out the photos, so we can match it 
to our home decor throughout the seasons. 
We are already planning what photos we want
 to use for Halloween and Christmas. 

Plus we're hoping to add some photos of our 
family and friends into the mix as well!  

What do you think? 
Do you have a favorite photo display in your home? 


P.S. We had so much fun making this display, that we 
are thinking about making more to sell.

Would anyone be interested in having one of their own?


  1. This is SO cute, I love it!! And I love the idea of changing out the pictures with the seasons. I'm not super crafty, but I think this is a project I could actually accomplish haha. Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna pin it! :)

    1. So glad you like it! If you make yourself one, I would love to see the finished project! :)