How I Live my Big Dreams in Little Ways + a Link-Up

Do you have a big dream in life?

Something that seems like it will 
almost always be out of reach?

Maybe it's something that your mind tells you
 will probably never happen, but your heart is 
in love with this idea so you daydream about it anyways?

Well don't spend your whole life wishing and dreaming! 

Starting today - make an effort to live those big 
dreams in small ways.

I have a big dream of being a paid writer/published author. 
So in order to live this dream in a small way, 
I started this blog and I occasionally
 submit articles to our local paper. 
Am I getting paid to write? Not really - but I still love it!

I also set a new writing goal for myself for the month of July. 
I want to write 500 words a day for 30 days 
to develop the first draft of a novel. 

Is this first draft going to be perfect? 
Absolutely not.  

But its a small step on my writing journey, 
and I'm excited about it  

Another dream of mine is to have my own garden 
and a small homesteading farm. 
At this point in my life, I don't have the ability 
to make this dream a reality.

So, to live this dream in a small way, planted
 one fruit and one vegetable plant this spring. 

Am I anywhere close to having my own homestead? No. 

But seeing those plants grow and develop 
still brings me a small piece of happiness each day.  

And that's what this idea is all about. 

It's about the daily pieces of happiness and the excitement 
that comes from not only setting goals, but reaching them. 

So, don't put off those dreams 
that seem impossible! 

I want to encourage you 
to start living those big dreams in small ways. Not only does each small step carry you closer to realizing your ultimate goal, but it will bring more happiness into your life. 


Do you have a big dream that you live in a small way? 

I would love to hear about it! 

If you feel inspired to write your own blog
post about this, please feel free to use the link-up below! 

Why my Parent's Divorce was Good for Me

My parents divorced when I was eight years old. I spent a majority of my life thinking my family was broken or inferior to those families that had not experienced divorce. I believed that my parents divorce created a life of disadvantage for my siblings and me.  

As I reflect back on my life though, I've come to the realization that in some aspects my parents divorce was actually good for me.  At a young age, my parents divorce taught me four important life lessons: I gained a deeper understanding about what is most valuable in life, what it means to be resilient, that life isn't perfect, and that love takes work and patience.

1. I learned that not everyone gets to live "happily ever after".  Love, in real life, is different than the love portrayed in fairy tales. "Happily ever after" isn't something that happens to you. Lasting love is something spouses work together towards everyday.

2. My parents divorce made me realize that I'm not always going to get what I want in life. Life isn't perfect. It doesn't go according to our plans. What we wish, hope, and pray for doesn't always happen. 

But Heavenly Father cares for, and is aware of, each of his children. When your heart is crushed and the darkness starts to dim your faith, Heavenly Father's love for you is still there. Even when your world seems to be falling a part, the Lord extents tender mercies to each of us.

3. By going through the struggle and heartbreak of a divorce, and by realizing that life is not always easy and that we can not wish our problems away, my parent's divorce taught me resilience. 

The dictionary defines resilience as, "The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness." I know that in life, things often get worse before they get better - but they do get better.

Forgiveness, faith, and love each contribute to the healing process. Healing doesn't always happen as fast as we want, but slowly you'll heal and become stronger.

4. Because of my parents divorce, I have almost no attachment to material possessions. Items can be disregarded, lost, or stolen but the love found in relationships can be carried within our hearts through space and time. My parent's divorce taught me that the most valuable things in life are the relationships we have with ourselves and the relationships we share with those people closest to us.

The attitude we have towards ourselves and the thoughts we carry within us have a huge impact on our individual healing process. Which is why the relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important relationships to nurture and develop.

It's our family and friends, not material possession, that are the most important blessing in life. I'm grateful to have learned, at a young age, that the relationships and interaction we have with ourselves, our friends and our family members are some of the most important blessing in life.


Please understand that I am not an advocate for divorce. Divorce is devastating for everyone involved, but it is especially heartbreaking when it involves children.

I wish that more people would learn ways to better themselves so that they could better their marriages. 

In a perfect world, couples would fall more and more in love with each other each year they've been married. But we don't live in a perfect world. Divorce is something that effects thousands of people and hundreds of generations. 

I just hope that those who have experience divorce are able to recognize the valuable life lessons it contains. 

DIY Instagram Photo Display Frame

We finally finished the DIY photo display that 
I've had on my "to do list" for over three months!

I have a horrible case of perfectionism when it 
comes to hanging things on the walls at our house.
It's silly to admit it out loud, but I always worry that 
however I choose to decorate it won't be good enough. 
So the spaces on our walls remain empty.
 (I know- first world problem. Ha)

I had ordered prints of my Instagram feed with 
the intention of displaying them in our home.

It was going to buy this from Amazon but then I 

found an awesome square frame at Deseret Industries 
and decided I wanted to make a display instead. 

The things you'll need for this project are 
pretty straight forward:

-Photos (duh) 
- An empty frame (We spray painted this one green)  
-A staple gun
-Small decorative clothes pins
-Measuring tape or ruler

We arranged the photos within the frame to gauge
 where we would need to run the twine across. 


Then J.R. used the staple gun to place the twine 
exactly where we wanted it. 
I tied the twine in knots around the staple and J.R. used 
a measuring tape to staple the twine exactly the 
same distance on the other side of the frame. 
So our "lines" would be straight. 

Once we had finished running the twine across, 
we realized that they were still to loose.
 With the weight of the clips and photos - 
the whole thing sagged. 

To fix the problem, J.R. just did a second staple right under the original one to pull the twine even tighter. 


It worked like a charm. 

I love how this project turned out!
One thing we are most excited about is how easy it 
will be to switch out the photos, so we can match it 
to our home decor throughout the seasons. 
We are already planning what photos we want
 to use for Halloween and Christmas. 

Plus we're hoping to add some photos of our 
family and friends into the mix as well!  

What do you think? 
Do you have a favorite photo display in your home? 


P.S. We had so much fun making this display, that we 
are thinking about making more to sell.

Would anyone be interested in having one of their own?