J.R.s Birthday

Guess who this happy baby grew up to be? 

Well it was his birthday last month and even though 
we didn't have a ton of money to celebrate, 
I still wanted to do something really special for him. 

So I was surfing the internet look for 
ideas of what I could do, when I came across this:

It's a "Postcard Birthday Poster" from OhHappyDay.com
and I just knew it would be the perfect gift. 

I asked 25 people to write J.R. a little 
birthday note on the back of a postcard. 
Then when all the postcards where put together, 
it would spell out a giant message that says,
 "I'm so glad you were born." 

This gift was seriously so much fun! 
I told everyone that it was a surprise and so they 
were all really sneaky about getting the cards delivered. 

But there were a few of our friends and family 
members who wanted to hand deliver their card 
on his birthday, and so it sort of turned out 
to be an impromptu birthday party. 
(Which made J.R. love this gift even more.)

This is a picture of what the poster looked like 
when we had received most of the cards:

On the back of the postcards, I asked his friends 
and family to write about one of their 
favorite memories of J.R. or to tell him 
something that they really appreciate about him. 
(I said they could even draw a picture if they wanted to. ha!)

The back of each card was so unique.
 It was a blast seeing everyone's 
personality come through in their gift!

Both of J.R.'s older sisters wrote sweet notes about 
the memories they had of the day J.R. was 
born and about their childhood together. 
He also received some really sweet notes from 
his nieces and nephews. 

But my personal favorite was the postcard my mom wrote. 

It says:
 J.R., When you first started hanging around I was ... concerned. I'd heard that you were a wild boy. I'm glad I didn't listen. I've watched you grow into a wonderful man. I'm so glad you married Candace and I get you for a son. Happy Birthday. Love, Channa

I feel so blessed to celebrate the life of 
my favorite person on this earth.

And I feel blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful 
family and friends who would all celebrate with us. 


What's your favorite inexpensive birthday gift??     

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