April iPhone Spring Photos

It's currently the middle of May and I've already 
forgotten what spring is like without rain. 
Don't-get-me-wrong. I really do love rain.
(But I am starting to worry a little bit about flooding.) 

Anyways, I was going through some pictures on my phone 
(that I took back in April) and I wanted to 
share them on the blog because spring is 
my very favorite time of year. 

 I just want to document these photos so that when it's 
98 degrees this summer I can look back and try to
 remember what these beautiful days felt like.  

There are a couple bunnies who keep showing up 
on my parents property, and they are so entertaining!  

Some of the curious babies. 

I'm just thankful for these small joys in life. 

And last but not least, here is a silly video 
of one of the first rides this year. 

We are both a little out of shape and just trying 
to get back into the rhythm.


What are you enjoying this time of year? 

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  1. I do love how green everything is, but I am missing the sun as well. At least I haven't had to water the garden.