Our 4th Wedding Anniversary.

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary - I can't believe it! 
Time has seriously gone by so so fast. 

This year we wanted to focus on celebrating 
our past, present, and future.
We wanted to honor our past memories together, 
create new experiences for this "present" time, 
and dream about our future together.   

We both decided that the best way, for us to start 
our anniversary celebration, would be to visit the 
temple where we were married four years ago.

But first - we needed a short breakfast stop! ha


(I love the fact that J.R. wore his "wedding tie" 
in honor of our special day.)

We decided to eat at Les Madeleines Cafe, 
and we were not disappointed!


It might be my new favorite place to eat!
I love that they had fresh flowers on all their tables, 
and I just really like the whole "feel" of this cafe. 
I ordered the crepes and J.R. got an egg sandwich, but we 
couldn't walk out with out sharing the incredible 
pastry that made this little cafe "famous".  

They call it a Kouing Aman.
I just call it a piece of heaven.

It is seriously one of the best things I've ever eaten. 
You'll have to try it if you're ever in downtown Salt Lake.

After our breakfast and dessert we went to 
the Salt Lake Temple to do sealings and to celebrate
our future blessing of eternity together. 

We hadn't been to the Salt Lake Temple sense 
the day that we were married, and it was such
 a wonderful experience to go on our anniversary because 
it brought back so many memories and sweet feelings.

It really is such a beautiful place.  


After spending the majority of the afternoon in the temple, 
we drove up to Park City to celebrate the present moment 
in our lives and to create new memories. 

Because of a rewards program that we're enrolled in, we were 
able to book a free night at the Waldorf Astoria.  

We drove up in our old 1996 jeep and when we realized that they 
only do valet parking, we really felt out of place.  Ha!

One of my favorite things about this hotel was the complementary s'mores that they offered to their guests. 

They have these large fire pits scattered throughout their 
property and enough chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers to satisfy everyone's s'more desires.  


We also loved having the entire pool and both 
hot tubs to ourselves all evening. 

(I guess that's the benefit of staying on a rainy Thursday night. ha!)

When we made it back home the next day, we watched 
our wedding video, the slideshow that was shown to our 
guests at our wedding reception, and our "trek" 
slideshow to honor and celebrate some of 
our favorite past memories together.  

It was a special way to bring into focus all of the ways that 
we have grown and changed together though out the years. 

 Watching those slideshows made me grateful for, not only 
the day our lives crossed paths on that dirt trail so long ago, 
but for all the memories that we've shared 
together from then until now. 

I'm grateful for this weekend spent creating new memories. 
And I'm grateful for the promised future 
blessing of eternity together. 

April iPhone Spring Photos

It's currently the middle of May and I've already 
forgotten what spring is like without rain. 
Don't-get-me-wrong. I really do love rain.
(But I am starting to worry a little bit about flooding.) 

Anyways, I was going through some pictures on my phone 
(that I took back in April) and I wanted to 
share them on the blog because spring is 
my very favorite time of year. 

 I just want to document these photos so that when it's 
98 degrees this summer I can look back and try to
 remember what these beautiful days felt like.  

There are a couple bunnies who keep showing up 
on my parents property, and they are so entertaining!  

Some of the curious babies. 

I'm just thankful for these small joys in life. 

And last but not least, here is a silly video 
of one of the first rides this year. 

We are both a little out of shape and just trying 
to get back into the rhythm.


What are you enjoying this time of year? 

J.R.s Birthday

Guess who this happy baby grew up to be? 

Well it was his birthday last month and even though 
we didn't have a ton of money to celebrate, 
I still wanted to do something really special for him. 

So I was surfing the internet look for 
ideas of what I could do, when I came across this:

It's a "Postcard Birthday Poster" from OhHappyDay.com
and I just knew it would be the perfect gift. 

I asked 25 people to write J.R. a little 
birthday note on the back of a postcard. 
Then when all the postcards where put together, 
it would spell out a giant message that says,
 "I'm so glad you were born." 

This gift was seriously so much fun! 
I told everyone that it was a surprise and so they 
were all really sneaky about getting the cards delivered. 

But there were a few of our friends and family 
members who wanted to hand deliver their card 
on his birthday, and so it sort of turned out 
to be an impromptu birthday party. 
(Which made J.R. love this gift even more.)

This is a picture of what the poster looked like 
when we had received most of the cards:

On the back of the postcards, I asked his friends 
and family to write about one of their 
favorite memories of J.R. or to tell him 
something that they really appreciate about him. 
(I said they could even draw a picture if they wanted to. ha!)

The back of each card was so unique.
 It was a blast seeing everyone's 
personality come through in their gift!

Both of J.R.'s older sisters wrote sweet notes about 
the memories they had of the day J.R. was 
born and about their childhood together. 
He also received some really sweet notes from 
his nieces and nephews. 

But my personal favorite was the postcard my mom wrote. 

It says:
 J.R., When you first started hanging around I was ... concerned. I'd heard that you were a wild boy. I'm glad I didn't listen. I've watched you grow into a wonderful man. I'm so glad you married Candace and I get you for a son. Happy Birthday. Love, Channa

I feel so blessed to celebrate the life of 
my favorite person on this earth.

And I feel blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful 
family and friends who would all celebrate with us. 


What's your favorite inexpensive birthday gift??     

2 Years Blogiversary + Giveaway

I can't believe it's already been two 
years sense I created this little blog of mine.

I just hope that I can continue to improve, 
not only my writing and content, but also the 
relationships with people who I've met online 
and those who know me in person. 

To celebrate this special occasion I'm highlighting
 some of my most popular posts, and 
I'm hosting my very first blog giveaway!


These are the highlights of some of my most 

popular posts from the last two years:

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(My latest post is one of my best so far)

A version of this post was published in our town newspaper:

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Well, I have a cure.

Photo Credit 

My most popular post:

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One of my personal favorites:

(both silly and sweet)

To show my appreciation to those who read this blog,
I'll be giving away two $10 Amazon Gift Cards.

(There are pretty much like five people 
who read my blog, so if you are one of them 
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Lucky you!)

But seriously - thank you to all of you who read and 
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Contest open to US residents only. 
If winner does not claim their prize after 
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