Lucky List 3 and a Quilt Story

I meant to post this last week,
 but I got really busy with all the celebrations
 and never got around to publishing it. 
So this post is about Christmas. 

Also - I've decided to call these posts, "Lucky Lists". 
They're just small moments through out the week that made me happy - moments that I feel lucky to have experienced. 

*Waking up to a white Christmas.

*Taking a nap with J.R. Christmas afternoon.

*Watching It's a Wonderful Life. 
If you have not seen this movie, you're seriously missing out! 
It's a long standing Christmas tradition 
of mine to watch it every year. 

*Reading - and finishing - The Glass Castle.
(Review coming soon)

*Getting this amazing camping quilt for Christmas 
from J.R.'s mom and oldest sister.

This quilt has a story:    

Once upon a time, when J.R. was a little kid, 
his mom made a quilt from his dad's old jeans and
 they would always use it when they went camping. 
So, they named it, "The Camping Quilt." 

And it was the best quilt they ever had. 
It was big and heavy and it kept them 
 warm during those cool mountain nights. 

Well, after years of camping adventures
 it started to get old and warn out.
Until, finally, it started falling apart. 

And little J.R. was so sad about it.

He made a wish for another camping quilt, 
but years and years had gone by and 
his wish never came true. 

Until the Christmas of 2014, when  
he opened a large gift and there it was -
another camping quilt! 

Except this one was even more special, 
because it was made from his own jeans and 
the jeans of his wife from when they first started dating. 
And it was stitched together
 out of love by his mom and sister. 

His childhood wish had come true, 
and he was very happy. 

 Now he dreams of the day when maybe his own 
children will sleep under the camping quilt. 

The End.