Blessings Jar 2014

Last January I decided to start a "blessings jar".

Anytime that something special happened, 
I would write it down on these cute little pieces 
of paper and put them in jar.

It all sat on my kitchen counter as a reminder to 

be aware and mindful of all the good things that happen to us. 

This past week I pulled out all the little pieces 
of paper and read through them. 

There were 41 total! 
Almost one for every week of the year.

Most of the blessings were little things.

Like these ones:

 Candace won a $10 dollar gift card for the 

"maintain don't gain" challenge at work.


We went to the dentist and neither 
one of us had any cavities. 

Candace won tickets off of Instagram 
to the Odyssey Dance performance of Thriller. 

But some of the blessing were pretty miraculous: 


Got Home safe from work. 
Avoided being rear-ended on the 
freeway by a texting driver. - Candace 


J.R. and Michael were able to fix the clog in our kitchen sink.
Thanks to Michael it wasn't very expensive. 


J.R. was able to secure a full time position at his work.

I won't share them all on here, but it was really encouraging to read through all of the good things that happened to us.

Plus, it brought back some memories of small 
moments I had already forgotten.

I'm so happy with this little "blessing jar" project that 

I'm going to do it again for the new year.


Do you keep track of all the good things that 

happen to you in your life? 

I'd love to know! 


  1. this is the best idea ever!!! oh my goodness, I want to start this!

  2. where did you find the little note stand?

  3. Thanks! You should totally start one! It's been pretty fun.
    But I think the little papers came from target. :)

  4. This is SUCH a fantastic idea! Definitely going to try it out :) xx