Happy List 1

This was the first week that I recorded  a "Happy List", 
and it was a good week to start because a lot happened. 

J.R.'s work had their company Christmas party at Energy Solutions Arena where we ate some delicious food, had some hilarious conversations, and got to watch the Jazz Game. 
His work tries to make their employees feel appreciated, 
and they gave same encouraging speeches and wonderful gifts. 

This week was also my nieces first birthday party! 
She loves to hug her little cousin, and whenever he cries she tries to comfort him by patting his back. They are seriously the cutest! 

My heart just melts.  

I got home from work one night and 
found these under our Christmas tree.
J.R. always writes the cutest gift tags. 

I know it's hard to read in the picture but it says, 
From: your husband
To: my amazing beautiful wife.


For the past two years we had been borrowing an extra tree from J.R.'s sister, but this year we bought our very own Christmas tree. 

J.R. set it up the day we bought it and 
then we decorated it a couple days later. 
Except we never put the star on top  - I don't know why.
But on Sunday we finally got the star on and 
now our decorations are complete.  


We normally go over to J.R.'s parents house each week for Sunday dinner, but J.R.'s work had given him a turkey back in November for Thanksgiving and he decided that he wanted to try and make dinner for his parents on Sunday instead.  

Cooking a turkey for the very first time was 
entertaining to-say-the-least and I'm not gonna lie,
J.R. did most all of it by himself, and it was amazing! 
Also, I think his parents appreciated us inviting them over. 
(and not having to cook)

Here's a list of a couple more things
 that brought me happiness this week.

*J.R.'s dad made the tastiest chocolate cake I have ever eaten. 
*My mom made her famous Christmas fudge. 
*Eating "Christmas Bark Candy" for the very first time. 
(Good food makes me happy - don't judge me. lol)
*Delivering our Christmas "neighbor gifts".
*Going ice skating at the Gallivan Center 
with the youth from church
*Going to Christopher's Prime Steakhouse during 
work for our office Christmas celebration.
*Getting home late one night and gently waking J.R. up to tell him I was home and, without opening his eyes, he asked in the sleepiest most concerned voice, "You're safe now?"


Thanks for reading. 
What made you happy this week? 

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