Shackletons Way

I'm reading this book called "Shackleton's Way" which is a New York Times Business Best Seller about Sir Ernest Shackleton who's is, "The greatest leader that has ever came on God's earth."

Never heard of him? Don't feel bad, because I hadn't either.

He was a great Antarctic explorer and is famed for his daring exploration, elite leaderships skills, and for being an all around champion. So they wrote this book about Shackleton, to help business leaders pattern their leadership style after him. The book is going well, explaining all of the horrific and completely terrifying excursions Shackleton and his men endured trying to reach the South Pole. It has me imagining Antarctica as a frozen hell on earth, where only the craziest people would purposefully go. The book is pulling me in and I'm starting to get interested when in the last paragraph of the first chapter they quote Shackleton as saying, "All the troubles of the South are nothing to the day after day of business." 

Whaaat? I have to read the quote again. And again. Just so I can let it sink in.

This guy would rather be in a frozen hell then go to work everyday?  

The organization I work for gave me this book to help inspire me to be better and reach higher in my professional career. And I know the author of this book threw that quote in there to feed the egos of all the business men and women who he wrote the book for. I can just see in my-minds-eye some guy reading that quote, shaking his head in agreement, and thinking to himself that he is some sort of warrior because his career in business is more difficult than reaching the South Pole in the 1900s. 

The quote didn't feed my ego, and it certainly wasn't an inspiration. The irony didn't get passed me. They wrote a business book about a guy who hates business. A guy who would rather freeze to death, chasing his dream, than work in business. 

I set the book down after the first chapter. It's an enlightening book, and I will finish reading it someday. But for now it has me wondering that maybe I would find more happiness freezing in Antarctica than spending a lifetime wasting away in a comfortable office doing something I hate.

Maybe I need to find my own Antarctica - my own crazy dream to try and reach for. 

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