Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant

It's that time of year. 
When the leafs start changing and the temperature drops, 
that means it's time to haul hay. 
I love my family and I love my life, but I have a love-hate-relationship with hauling hay.

After loading up 100 bales early one Saturday morning, we were all hungry and wanted to get some breakfast before going home to unload.  Lucky for us, as we drove through Santaquin, my step dad spontaneously chose to stop at Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant.  None of us had ever been there before, so i was excited to try it out, but I was also little self-conscious because 
we were all really sweaty and dirty.

But when we walked in, they made us feel right at home. A redneck place for some reneck people. 

As we were placing our orders, 
I noticed most of their breakfast plates came with a scone. 
Except mine.
The pancakes I ordered didn't come with one, 
and I was feeling a little bit sad about it. 
I imagined everyone else at our table eating their scone
 and me without one. 

Well you can image our faces, 
when the waitress brought out a basket of these! 

The scones here are huge! 
(They are seriously as long as a loaf of french bread.) 
And lucky for me, my family didn't have a problem sharing. Between the five of us we were only able to finish two of these things. 

(sorry the picture is so blurry. I had to hurry and snap this before they got devoured.)

  If you're ever in the Santaquin area, 
you'll have to stop by and get a scone to share. 
Their address is 77 West Main Street in Santaquin Utah. 

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