Garage Project - New Support Beams

In September of 2013 we were blessed to be able to
 move into our first home together. 
(The whole process was such a miracle and
 it's a story I'll have to share with you in another post.)  

The house isn't very large and it was built in the 1950's, but the kitchen was updated and the inside was remodeled. There are just a few things that still need to be replaced including; the windows, some of the plumbing, and the garage roof & patio. 

Here is our "before" picture of the garage. 

Clearly we have a lot of work to do. 

  When it rains, the garage roof leaks really bad. We've had to put tarps over everything that's in there to keep it from getting ruined. 

It's hard to see in the photo above, 
but the patio was missing a support beam 
and the remaining ones were starting to rot out.

 So obviously, we couldn't re-roof the garage until we replaced the support beams.

(And by "we" I really mean J.R. 
The honest truth is - I didn't do anything but take these pictures)

We bought our new support beams, 
and J.R. miraculous fit them into our jeep for the drive home.   

 Then J.R. and his dad got to work replacing the old ones. 
In this photo you can see where the missing 
support beam was supposed to be.
(That big open gap right in the middle)

They decided to drill into the concrete for the new support brackets, because the old support brackets had started to shift and were unstable.  

 (Just ignore the state of our backyard right now. Before we moved into our house no-one had lived there for two years, so the yard is wild right now.)   

Finally, the first beam was replaced.
You can tell by their faces how thrilled 
they were about the process. 

After a couple hours, all the new beams were up. 

We still have a lot of work to do, 
but at least the first step in the process is done now. 
(whoot whoot)

And this weekend we're going to install a new roof. 

Wish us luck. 

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