Cecret Lake Hike

J.R. asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, and all I really wanted was to spend time with him in a beautiful place. Lucky for us, the Wasatch Mountains are just a short drive away. 

We decided to try and hike to Cecret Lake.
 We weren't sure what to expect because neither one of us had been there before, but that was part of what made it so much fun. 

This hike starts out on a gradual incline, 
but the farther you go the steeper it gets.  

This photo (below) is a picture of the steepest part of the trail. 
I told J.R. that I felt like we were mountain goats or something - 
jumping in-between all the rocks and boulders .

Here's a shot from the top of the summit, 
looking back down at the trail. 

But once you climb the rocky hill and 
come up over the ledge - surprise - there's the lake. 
Which was fun because you couldn't see the lake while you're hiking, so its like a big mystery of what exactly is at the top.

The lake is so clear and calm, my first impulse was to 
go wading in it, but there are signs posted everywhere that swimming is not allowed. 

So we skipped a few rocks across the water's surface and enjoyed the crisp mountain air. 

(can you spot J.R. in the pic below?)

I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer
so I'm really glad that we were able to spend more time in the mountains before the snow falls. 

Are you doing anything to celebrate the end of summer?

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