Summer Sunrise

Saturday August 16 we crossed off "Watch the Sunrise from the Mountains" from our Summer Bucket List. We had originally planned on doing this when we went camping, but we were always to tired to wake up in time to watch the entire sunrise.

The whole idea behind having this on our list was just to be able to appreciate the moment of a new day, and to be fully present in that moment. Life can get so busy that I sometimes forget to appreciate all of the miraculous things that are around me everyday, and it gets easy to take those things for granted. This was just a reminder to remember all of the little things that make life wonderful. 

So we decided to wake up at 4:30 am and drive to the top of Butterfield Canyon and watch the sunrise from the peak. 

When we left our house, it was still dark enough to see the stars, but by the time we reached the peak of the mountain we could no longer see them - the city lights were still visible though.   

We kind of thought we were a little bit crazy for doing this, until we got to Butterfield, and that's when we learned what "crazy" really means. . . 

At the bottom of the canyon there was a parked car. Overnight camping is no longer allowed in Butterfield Canyon, so we thought that maybe someone had just decided to sleep in their car. 
Well, we were about four or five miles into the canyon when we found the owners of that vehicle. They were wearing tennis shoes and had headlamps on and they were running up the canyon. Running up the canyon. At 5:00 am. In the dark. 

My mouth dropped open when I saw them.
 I asked J.R. if he wanted to do that next year. He gave me a sideways glare, laughed and said, "Yeah. That's not gonna happen." 

We had hoped to be the only people crazy enough to get up that early and be on the mountain. But we weren't. Not only was there the "ragnar couple", but the mountain was packed with hunters -and they had all gotten there earlier than us. Some of them had ventured off into the woods already, and some were still sitting in their trucks with their binoculars.

But that's ok. It's nice to see that people are passionate enough about their hobbies and interests to wake up before the sun rises. 

Warning: We took tons of pictures. 

Sense this whole experience was about the sun, then
what better time to practice a Sun Salutation

A Sun Salutation is a basic yoga sequence that is often done in the morning, or as a warm up before the rest of your yoga practice. 
 The sequence isn't anything fancy or difficult, but here are a few snap shots of mine from the mountain top. 

It may look like my eyes are closed because I'm in a state of peace, 
but really they are just closed because the sun was so bright.

Was this the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen? 

Umm..Probably not. 
But it was still worth it. Why?
 Because it was so much fun sharing this experience with J.R.

My world revolves around him, and I don't ever want to take him for granted the way that I sometimes take for granted the sun rising over those mountains each morning.   

I appreciate all that he's done to help turn my dreams into reality. 
Even if my dreams seem silly to other people, (or even if he thinks my dreams are silly) it means everything to me that he is always there supporting me, sacrificing his time, and doing all that he can to help make those dreams of mine come true. 

I'm grateful that we share this life together, and that we will be able to share an eternity of sunrises together.  

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