Strawberry Reservoir

We finally made it to the lake. 
It seems unbelievable to me, but out all the years that J.R. and I have been together, we have never gone fishing together. Which is crazy, because I really love to fish. 

But this past weekend we were able to cross off "Go Fishing" from our Summer Bucket List. I need to give a big Thank You to my Aunt Beth and Uncle David, who let us borrow their "ugly stick" fishing poles. We are so grateful to them, because without their kind gesture we probably wouldn't have been able to go. 

On the day we went fishing the weather couldn't have been better for a trip to the lake.  We got there around 8:00 am, which was an hour later than when I wanted to be there (but I could not get out of bed that morning.)

This is a picture of the lake when we first got there. 
Clear, calm, cool, and beautiful. 

We invited my dad to come along with us.
After all, he is the person who inspired my love for fishing,  
and it was so much fun spending time by the water together again.

We started our morning fishing from the north-west side of the lake, but after a few hours of not catching anything we thought we'd try and find a different spot. 

Strawberry Reservoir really is such a beautiful place. I took these pictures by the area where we ate lunch. 

After lunch we decided to try our luck at the 
"ladders" area of the lake.
Which was the opposite side of the lake from where we started. 

Before we planned this fishing trip, J.R. told me that he has really bad luck when it comes to fishing. He said it's more than just bad luck - it's a curse, because he never catches anything. 

I told him not to worry about his "curse" because he has never been fishing with me before, and I have excellent luck when it comes to fishing. I just knew that if we got out there together that he would catch one. 

Well, things didn't go exactly as I had hoped.
We fished all day and didn't catch anything but sun-rays. 
But that's okay. We still had a ton of fun being out by the water, with the fresh mountain breeze gently blowing around us. It's nice to get out of the valley and go somewhere peaceful and quite. 

And like my dad said, "Fishing isn't always about the fish." 

It was nice just to spend time with each other
 and enjoy the beauty of this earth together. 

But I haven't given-up hope on breaking J.R.'s "fishing curse." 
We will be back out there to try again. 

Where are your favorite places to fish? 
Do you have any tips to break bad luck when it comes to fishing? 

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