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Slowly but surely we are completing our Summer Bucket List
This past weekend we felt ambitious enough to try out our survival skills in building an emergency fort.

We drove up Butterfield Canyon and found a thicket of small trees that looked like the ideal place to start building. The only things we brought with us were gloves, twine, and a hatchet. Neither one of us had ever built a survival shelter before, but we felt confident in knowing how to get the job done. 

I gathered up the fallen branches and sticks while J.R. secured them together with the twine.

Here are the progress pictures:

The hardest part was getting enough pine branches. Our hatchet and gloves got sap all over them, and my arms got scratched from layering them onto the shelter. If you're going to build one - I recommend wearing long sleeves! 

I also recommend not going to Butterfield Canyon.  When we were done building our shelter, we got back on the dirt road to try and connect up with the main paved road, but there was a couple parked in a convertible bug doing a little bit more than just "making out." They had to stop and move their car so that we could drive passed them. It was awkward and hilarious at the same time. 

Well anyways here are the pictures of the completed shelter: 

Is it perfect? No. 
Are we still proud of it? Yep. 
Would we be able to survive if we had to spend a couple nights here? Maybe.. 

Here's to surviving the zombie apocalypse. 
(just kidding) 

But seriously, have you ever slept in one of these??

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