Horse Auction and Maddox Ranch House

June 14, 2014:  We went to the Anderson Livestock Auction which is located in Willard, up by Brigham City. Today was one of their Horse and Tack Auctions, and we love to go see all that they have to offer.  

The weather could not have been more perfect. Sometimes it can get really hot and sticky in the auction shed - but not today. 

(Isn't it beautiful there?)

They had a really good turn out, with a large variety of horses. 
Some of them were older and pretty well trained, others were just yearlings and had never been rode. 

One or two of the horses seems a bit sick or neglected, and it just breaks your heart.  

Overall though, most of them seemed healthy and in good spirits. 
(Maybe just a little bit stressed about being in a new place.)

I walk through the corrals and end up wanting to take all of them home. Horses are just such beautiful animals. 

This is what the inside of the auction looks like. They always auction off the horse tack first. And yes - there is a man yelling out the prices at a 100 miles an hour.
 The ability to talk that fast is an art if you ask me. 

We didn't buy any horses (this time) but I was lucky enough to pickup some chaps for a fraction of what they would have cost me at a store. And if you think shopping at a store gets your feel-good endorphins going, you should try going to an auction sometime. It's so much more exciting and nerve racking.  

After being at the auction for a couple of hours, we all started to get hungry.
And when you're up here in this part of Utah, there is only one place to eat: Maddox Ranch House.

This place is the perfect combination of county and classy. And the food is amazing.
(This is my mom's favorite place to eat, and it's not hard to see why)

(Flowers and hot food. It doesn't get much better than that.) 

Underneath these delicious hot rolls are pieces of golden corn bread. 
The tables are stocked with Utah honey and you'll notice that the butter has a pink hue to it.
That's because its raspberry butter - and it is heavenly! 

The raspberry butter, rolls, and corn-pones alone are a good enough reason to come eat at Maddox,
but these aren't even the best part.
I wasn't able to get a photo of it, but if you like sea food, make sure to order the "Seafood Cocktail" which is mixture of crab, shrimp, and salad served with cocktail sauce. It's wonderful.  

I'm telling you. It doesn't get much better than this guys. 
If you want to look at the menu for yourself you can find it on their website here

Well what do you think? 
Have you ever been to an auction before? 
Do you have a favorite steakhouse in your area?

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