Bruges Waffles and Frites

Bruges Waffles and Frites is the perfect place to take your significant other and have a casual date that still feels special. We went for dinner and each ordered our own waffles with strawberries, cream, and chocolate. These waffles are unlike anything I've ever tasted. The cream is thick -almost like an ice cream. The waffles seems to have tiny bits of crystallized sugar baked into them, and the chocolate is divine. (It's imported from Belgium) The waffles are so rich, that halfway through our meal we realized that we should have just bought one and shared it. We also realized that these are definitely more of a dessert than a dinner.

(but what's wrong with eating dessert for dinner sometimes) 

Currently, they have three locations in Utah.
The original is located in Downtown Salt Lake at 336 W. 300 S. (Broadway),
their second location is in Sugarhouse on 2314 S. Highland Drive,
and they also have a location in the Canyons Ski Resort.
Plus, they are getting ready to open a fourth location in Provo.

So far we've only been to their Sugarhouse location.
We ate under one of the umbrellas on their patio, and afterwards we went for a walk in Fairmont Park.
It was wonderful, and I recommend this place to everyone.

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Click here for the link to their website. 
You can view part of their menu (they offer more than just waffles)
 and also read about the owner Pierre Vandamme, 
who was actually born and raised in Belgium.  

So what do you think? Anyone want to have breakfast dessert for dinner?

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