The Truth

When people hear our story, they often remark that I changed J.R.'s life; but the truth is, you can't change other people. All you can do is accept and love them for who they are and be an influence for good in their life, because when it comes down to it, 
that person is the only one who can decide to change.

Love is a powerful influence but in order to feel loved, you first need to feel accepted. The person you are trying to love needs to know that you accept, understand, and value them for who they are. Which includes their past and all of their weaknesses, flaws, mistakes, and bad decisions. They need to know that you love and accept them completely. Which is what happened with J.R. and me.

We accepted each other for who we were.

There is something wonderful that happens when you love someone, you see the best in that person and you want the best for them. There becomes this delicate balance between having complete acceptance of a person, but also conveying your confidence and belief that they can change and develop into the person they want to become. And this is the point I want to stress- you can not (and you should not try) to change or mold someone to become the person that you think they should be. All you can do is be there to support them and show your confidence and belief in them to become who they want to be.

The truth is; I didn't change J.R.'s life, I was only there to 
love and support him while he changed his own life.

Call it luck, coincidence, fate, or destiny but we came into each other's lives at the most beneficial time.

I believe that Heavenly Father knew that I would be the person J.R. needed to help support him as he changed his life, and he would be the person that I needed to help me change my own.
Because, honestly, J.R. influenced 
my life as much as I influenced his. 

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He has shown me what it means
to be a true friend.
He taught me that love wasn't something I need to fear,
and what it meant to truly see and fully receive another person.
He has shown me that my heart is capable of love.

The truth is - we changed each other.

He became apart of me, and 
I became apart of him.

Running a 5K

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Have you ever wanted to run a 5k race?  

(It's 3.1 miles long, in case you were wondering)

When I ran a half marathon in 2012 my friends introduced me to the running schedule they used off the internet site It's a great site full of a lot of useful information, and it's where I pulled each of these training schedules from.

The training schedule they offer for the "beginners" 5k is designed for individuals who can already run at least one mile. So if you haven't quite worked up your endurance to that point, then I would suggest the "Four Weeks to Run One Mile" program.

"This four-week training program is designed for total beginner run/walkers who want to build up to running a mile. This program starts out with a run/walk schedule. Throughout the program you'll make a slight increase to your running distance and a decrease in your walking distance. By the end of four weeks, you'll be able to run one mile without stopping." 

 Click here to print the schedule. *Training for this program would be easiest on a standard size track. Most high schools have a standard size track that you can run at for free when the school isn't utilizing it.

After you feel pretty comfortable running one mile you can start training for the 5k. I'm going to list two different training programs. The first one is another run/walk 8 week training schedule.

"This program is a run/walk to continuous running program, so some of your workout instructions will displayed in run/walk intervals. The first number displayed will be the amount of minutes to run and the second number is the amount to walk. So, for example, 5/1 means run for 5 minutes, then walk for 1 minute." 

Here is an example:

Week 1:
Day 1: 5/1 x 5 (5 minutes run, 1 minute walk x 5, for a total of 30 minutes)
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: 5/1 x 5
Day 4: 40-45 min cross-training
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 6/1 x 5
Day 7: Rest or 30 min walk

*You can view this complete walk/run schedule here.

The second program is a little more advanced. Here is an example:

1Rest1 mi runCT or Rest1 mi runRest1.5 mi run20-30 min run or CT

CT stand for Cross Train. I can't stress how important it is to cross train when you are running. Running is hard on the body, and cross training allows different muscles of your body to be used so that your body can recover. Its important to build your hip and leg muscles on your cross training days so that you can avoid running injuries.

You can switch days around to accommodate your schedule. Just make sure that you have a "Rest Day", "Recovery Day", or a "Cross Train Day" in-between your "Run Days". 
You don't want to have two Run Days in a row! Your body will need time to heal. 

You can view the complete running schedule here.

These programs can be both physically and mentally tough, but the training is easier if you have a race day to look forward to. I know a lot of people are intimidated by signing up for an actual race, and often they tell themselves that they will just do the program but not sign up for a race. Don't do that! Having a race day to look forward to will keep you invested in your goal and it will keep you going when you feel like giving up.
Take the step, and sign up for a race.

 If you live in Utah -click here for the "Yearly Race Calendar".

After looking through the calendar, these 5ks look like they would be really fun:

Raft and Run

This one looks like it would be so much fun to do with a bunch of friends! First, you'll start with a 5 mile rafting trip down the Provo canyon and then finish with the 5k.
"The race will be held on July 24, 2014 at Canyon Glen Park up Provo Canyon. We will start loading the buses at 7:45 a.m. Teams of eight to twelve will disembark on the river, a raft guide will steer based on your teams instructions. Once your raft docks, each team member will be timed to the finish of the 5k run." 
Registration is $49
100% of the proceeds will go to the Live Your Dream Scholarships for struggling single moms.
You can find more information by visiting their website here.

Potter Run (as in Harry Potter)

I Solemly Swear that I am up to no Good... Wizards and Muggles are invited our for a 5K Fun Run to remember. 
"Geek'd Out Events & The Rocky Mountain Muggles are presenting this magical event and invite you to come in or out of costume, but please be respectful of others when bringing props or costume-wear. Each participant will recieve a t-shirt and a commemorative medal."

Event schedule and times
You may pick up your t-shirt and race bibs begining at 4:00 pm at the northwest parking area of Liberty Park.  This will also be the location of Day-Of Registration. 

When: July 31, 2014  
Time: 6:00 pm  -  Brooms Up! The Race Begins!
Location: Liberty Park in Salt Lake City
Registration is $25
Proceeds will benefit HopeKids Utah.

You can find more information by visiting the website here.

Thankful 13 (and 5k)

"Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude.  It is the start of the giving season that so many of us love.  What better way to start it off right than to grab your family members and come out and run for a great cause. Run on the Jordan River Parkway Trail with beautiful views of the Jordan river, ponds and wildlife. Finisher Medal for all races."
Where: Address: 2301 West Ashton Blvd.  Lehi UT 84043
When: November 27, 2014
Time: The 5K starts at 8:30 a.m.
Registration: $15 When you sign up from 4/1/2014 to 5/31/2014
Proceeds will go to Supporting Community Action Services and Food Bank. (they provide for the needs of people in Utah whether that be food, clothing, or housing.)

You can find more information by visiting their website here.

Running Scared

A fun Halloween run.
"While the idea of running a half or full marathon might actually scare the bejeebers out of you a 5K is oh so doable (and festive).  Come in costume and partake in the creepiest (it's not really that creepy) Halloween run this side of the afterworld."

** Their website doesn't say if they will be doing one for this year. They did one in 2012 and 2013. So hopefully they do another one.
Last year it was Oct 26th in Herriman 
The race started at 10:00 am.
Registration was $25

You can visit the website here

What do you guys think? Will you be doing a 5k this year? Have you already ran one before? What is your favorite race?