International Pay it Forward Day

The last Thursday in the month of April is 

International Pay It Forward Day. 

(So this year it will be on April 24th.)

 I've never participated in "paying it forward". Of course I occasionally help out strangers or do nice things for other people with out them knowing, but I've never asked someone to pay that kind act forward.  

Why Pay It Forward?

Well, to quote directly from the Pay It Forward Website

"To show each other that we care and that there
 is love, hope, and magic all around us."

"There is tremendous power and positive energy in giving. 
 Pay It Forward Day is about giving to someone else and 
making a positive difference in the world!"

How to Participate: 

Do anywhere from one to three good deeds for other people, without asking for anything in return. Instead, instruct them to pay it forward to someone else. 

If you've seen the movie then you might remember that if one good deed was done for you, then you would need to do one good deed for three different people. (see below)

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That would be an awesome way to accelerate the "kindness movement", but even if you only do one good thing for someone else - it still makes a difference.   

Pay It Forward Cards:

When you complete your act of kindness, you could hand each recipient a "Pay it Forward Card" and explain what the movement is all about! There is a place to check off boxes on the back of the card, so that people can see how far the card has traveled and track all the acts of kindness as they multiply and spread throughout the world.

You can print your own cards by clicking Here.

Obviously you don't need to have a card to participate, but it seems like a fun way to help track the "ripple effect". 

Other Thoughts:

If you don't want to conform to Paying It Forward on the same day as everyone else, you could go rogue and do it on a completely random day. I've also heard of people doing acts of kindness for strangers as a way to celebrate their birthday. For example; if you are turning 25 then you would do 25 acts of kindness. 

What do you think? Have you ever participated in Paying It Forward? Are you planning on participating this year? 

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