Clarity vs Fear

I read an article a few weeks ago that I can't stop thinking about. 

It's titled "Are you fighting for success in life or drifting?"
 and was written by Kimberly Giles.

Kimberly is a life-coach and she writes the
 "LIFEadvice" column for KSL News.
In the column, people ask her life questions and 
she coaches them (and us readers) with 
suggestions and advice to help them better their lives.

The article discusses weather or not 
you are just drifting through life.

Kimberly says that, "You may be just generally
 unhappy with yourself and life, but can't see a way to change it." She calls this state "Stuck in fear drifting" and she got that term from Napoleon Hill's book, "Outwitting the devil."

His book Hill explains that, "drifters are people who dwell in fear and neglect to use their minds to choose their way out. Drifters let other people and situations influence their emotions and they mindlessly react to life with the same old patterns over and over."

(The words "mindlessly reacting to life" make me think of zombies. Read how to cure the zombie virus here)

She goes on to say, "Everyone experiences hard times, failures, embarrassments, and mistakes. They are part of the classroom of life, but drifters let those disappointments and failures stop them. They let the fear of failure (the fear of not being good enough) convince them it's safer to stop trying, stretching and shooting high, that it's safer to pull back and stay where you are." 

Napoleon Hill claims that 98% of people
 fall into the "drifter" category. 

Kimberly then lists 9 suggestions for "breaking free from drifting." 

You can read the them here

She states that, "The most successful people are those who had experienced great failures and set-backs but had the capacity to surmount failure without being discouraged. These people learned to use their minds to choose how they were going to experience those setbacks. They understood they had control over how those failures affected their value. They learned how to see themselves, other people and situations accurately (without fear of not being good enough) they were people with defined purpose, who set goals, believed in themselves and didn't let any situation or person stop them. They understood the classroom of life gives you problems, but it also provides solutions."

In addition to the 9 suggestions for breaking free from drifting, Kimberly also offers everyone a free "Personal Fear Assessment" which will help show you exactly how 
"fear is affecting your thinking and your life." 

You can take the assessment here 

Well thanks for reading! What do you think? 
What is one thing you can do to help yourself break free from drifting? 

International Pay it Forward Day

The last Thursday in the month of April is 

International Pay It Forward Day. 

(So this year it will be on April 24th.)

 I've never participated in "paying it forward". Of course I occasionally help out strangers or do nice things for other people with out them knowing, but I've never asked someone to pay that kind act forward.  

Why Pay It Forward?

Well, to quote directly from the Pay It Forward Website

"To show each other that we care and that there
 is love, hope, and magic all around us."

"There is tremendous power and positive energy in giving. 
 Pay It Forward Day is about giving to someone else and 
making a positive difference in the world!"

How to Participate: 

Do anywhere from one to three good deeds for other people, without asking for anything in return. Instead, instruct them to pay it forward to someone else. 

If you've seen the movie then you might remember that if one good deed was done for you, then you would need to do one good deed for three different people. (see below)

photo credit

That would be an awesome way to accelerate the "kindness movement", but even if you only do one good thing for someone else - it still makes a difference.   

Pay It Forward Cards:

When you complete your act of kindness, you could hand each recipient a "Pay it Forward Card" and explain what the movement is all about! There is a place to check off boxes on the back of the card, so that people can see how far the card has traveled and track all the acts of kindness as they multiply and spread throughout the world.

You can print your own cards by clicking Here.

Obviously you don't need to have a card to participate, but it seems like a fun way to help track the "ripple effect". 

Other Thoughts:

If you don't want to conform to Paying It Forward on the same day as everyone else, you could go rogue and do it on a completely random day. I've also heard of people doing acts of kindness for strangers as a way to celebrate their birthday. For example; if you are turning 25 then you would do 25 acts of kindness. 

What do you think? Have you ever participated in Paying It Forward? Are you planning on participating this year? 


Honestly this post is for my husband, because he loves to eat at Moochies.  

They are famous for their Meatball Sandwich and for their "authentic" Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich.
So, the question when you eat here is;
 "Which sandwich should I order?" 
 And the answer to that is: 
you really can't go wrong with either one of them. 
But if you ask my husband he'll tell you that their
 Philly Cheesesteaks sandwiches are the best. 
(He always orders his without the mushrooms and onions though.)

And... we got so excited to eat our sandwiches that we forgot to take pictures of each of them. Sorry. 

The only Moochie's we've ever eaten at is located at
 232 East 800 South 
in Salt Lake City,
 but they also have a location in Midvale.  

The restaurant in Salt Lake is located in a small old building that looks like it could have been someone's house at one point in time.

There isn't a ton of space to eat inside, but they do have a spacious patio outside. 

They also have a really interesting interior. 

It might sound silly, but one of my favorite things about this place is the french fries and their "Jumpin' Jalapeno Sauce". 

 J.R. covers his Philly Cheesesteak with the Jalapeno Sauce. 
I think it's safe to say that he would take one of the bottles home with him if he could. 

Click Here for Moochie's website if you need more information. 
There is an interesting story with a tie back to the town of Magna on their "About Us" page. 
And if you want to know about another sandwich shop, in the Salt Lake area, check out this post. 

Thanks for reading! 

2014 Summer Bucket List

I've been making bucket lists sense I was a kid.
It's just something that I love doing, and I wanted to share with you 
our 2014 Summer Bucket List.

Last summer J.R. had knee surgery, and we spent most of our summer recovering from that with a lot of physical therapy.  
(you can read about it here
So as the weather gets warmer, both of us feel like 
we need to make up for all the things we didn't get to do last summer. 

Most of the things we have planned are pretty inexpensive, 
and there isn't much on this list that would be 
considered an "achievement". 
Because this list isn't about achievement and goals-
 its more about creating special moments and memories.
Don't-get-me-wrong, I think that goals are a really important part of life, but sometimes the goal should be only to exist; 
to live in the moment, to create memories, to focus on right now.

That's what this list is about. 

So here it is: 
(in no particular order)

Picnic in the Park 
A classic picnic on a blanket in the park.
 (I already talked a little bit about this here
We'll eat and then play a little bit of frisbee or catch and
 then feed the ducks and ducklings some bread crumbs. 

Try a new Bike Trail.
 Both of us love to bike, but we've never
 been on a bike trail together.
I am definitely a beginner though, 
so maybe we'll try this paved trail that is near a 
campsite we're going to, or this dirt trail that is closer to our house. 

Build a lean-to Emergency Shelter
J.R. and I love the TV show Dual Survival
(The first two seasons with Cody Lundin and 
Dave Canterbury are our favorite)
They show how to survive in different environments and situations,
 and in almost every episode they build an emergency shelter.
We want to try and build something like this.
We think it would be fun to try, and
 an important thing to practice
just in case we ever need to build one.

Watch a Meteor Shower

The biggest meteor shower of the year for Utah
 is either going to be the night of August 12th or 13th.
But there is also going to be a full moon during this time,
which is kind of a bummer because it
will take away from the brightness of the shooting stars.   

Watch the Sunrise from the Mountains
We'll probably do this one 
at the same time we watch the Meteror Shower. 
I just want to be able to sit and watch a full sunrise,
to meditate, pray, and just be fully present as a new day starts.  

Go Fishing

Saturday June 7th is Utah's Free Fishing Day
You don't even have to leave the valley if you go to 
the Urban Fishery in Sandy.
We might give that a try sometime this summer,
but I really wanna get into the mountains as much as possible.

Go on at least Two Hikes
We're not setting out to 
conquer huge mountains or push ourselves to the limit- 
we just want something where we can 
enjoy being in nature and being with each other.
 This looks like it could be a really fun hike.

Well this is our list. 
What do you guys think?
 Do you have a summer bucket list? What's on yours?

Post Update

Do you want to read about our adventures as we check things off our summer bucket list?

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Watch the Sunrise from the Mountains

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