TWD Daryl and Beth

I'm pretty embarrassed to share this post with the entire internet because it clearly proves how obsessed I am with The Walking Dead, but I have to share this because I've never seen a relationship like Beth and Daryl's portrayed on TV before. 

Which, is so beautiful to watch because it's a relationship that is absolutely pure - and full of more heart than most relationships in the media. I've never seen a relationship on TV that is as similar to the beginning of mine and my husbands relationship. 

No - in our story, there weren't any zombies, crossbows, moonshine, or yelling. 

But when we met each other, 
we didn't have access to running water or electricity for a few days.
There are other similarities as well;

A young innocent women and an older guy.
A guy with "a chip on his shoulder" and a rough past.
A guy whose main focus isn't on making sexual
 advances toward her.
A guy other people would consider dangerous for her- 
but being with him is the safest she has ever felt.

Brought together by fateful circumstances in
 a physically and emotionally demanding situation, 
that neither of them can control.
Where they have to work together and support each other.
Socially, they are complete opposites and
other people don't understand what they have together.

A relationship where each person is accepted 
completely for who they are.
A relationship that isn't based on sexual feelings,
 but based on trust, hope, and love.
A relationship that is full of so much love, 
that it's not just a friendship.
A relationship that can't be adequately labeled.

A love that is difficult for others to understand
 because it's unique and rare.
A love that surprised both of them.
A love that changed our lives forever.

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In mine and my husband's story, our relationship eventually progressed to a romantic love,
and now we have such a strong foundation and 
understanding of each other. 

But even if we hadn't ended up being together,
we'd have know that  
we healed each other and changed each other
in ways that no-one else ever had. 

And I think the same applies to Beth and Daryl.


I hope you don't judge me to harshly for my 
cheesy post and my crazy obsession with The Walking Dead.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about and you want to watch the episodes for yourself. 
Watch Season 4 Episode 12 "Still"
 And Season 4 Episode 13 "Alone" 

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