Mini German Pancakes

 German Pancakes are my favorite breakfast.
 (other people know them as Dutch Babies)

Because they are my favorite,
 I wanted to share them with you. 

They are super easy to make, and you only need 5 ingredients. 

Before I tell you about the Minis, I first want to give you the traditional German Pancakes recipe. 

Normally you would just make it in one big 9 x 13 baking pan

You'll need: 

6 Eggs
1 Cup of  all purpose White Flour
1 Cup of Milk
1/4 of  a Cup of Butter (softened)
1 Teaspoon Salt

- Heat oven to 400 degrees.
- Add eggs to mixing bowl and whip them until they are foamy. 
- Put the butter into your 9 x 13 dish and put into oven until butter melts. (be careful not to burn the butter)
- In the meantime add the flour, milk, and salt to the eggs in the mixing bowl and stir. 
(The mixture will be lumpy! And that's fine)
- When the butter is melted, make sure that it covers the entire bottom and the sides of the pan. 
- Add the egg mixture to the 9 x 13 pan with the melted butter ( do NOT mix the butter into the eggs) 
- Just put it in the oven and cook for 20 - 25 minutes or until the edges are golden brown. 

Today I made Mini German Pancakes by using a cupcake pan. 

I followed the same directions for the original recipe except for these specific things:

- Only heat the oven to 375 and cook them for 15 minutes. 
- Sprayed the Cupcake pan with non-stick spray and then divided the butter between each cupcake compartment. 
- When the butter is melted, fill each compartment half way full of the egg mixture. 

*If you are using the full recipe it will fill two complete cupcake pans. Use half the recipe if you are only going to use one cupcake pan.  

You can eat your German Pancakes with just about anything.
Try a combination of: powdered sugar, fruit, jam, syrup, and whip-cream. 

My personal favorite is real maple syrup with fresh cut strawberries and whip-cream. (unfortunately, I didn't have any strawberries today)      

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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