Home Town

Welcome to Magna.
The "small town" of the Salt Lake Valley.
Pass the train tracks and industrial warehouses.
Past the gun club and the raceway.
The farthest west you can travel in the valley.
Here at the base of the Oquirrh Mountains,
surrounded by undeveloped fields.
Where the rays of the morning sun first touch the valley.
 The soil is rocky and the people can be 
a bit rough around the edges.
Here the water is an acquired taste.

The houses are small, but the peoples' hearts are big.

Less pompous, more honest and simple.
A place where generations of the same families 
have grown and lived and loved.
A town and history built by hard working miners, now carried on by hard working blue-collar families.
You know your neighbors and they know and 
care about you.

 Here, people like their trucks and vintage cars, 
building bonfires,
 and growing vegetables in their back yard. 
The kind of place where you marry the girl
 who lives across town.

You may have ended up here because 

you had nowhere else to go.
But this is where your tragedies will eventually
 turn into triumphs.
This is my home - and I'm happy to live here.