Young Love

For my 22 birthday J.R. gave me a card that seemed to be written exactly for us. It said:

My Beautiful Wife, My Forever Love. 
How lucky are we?
We share so many great memories. 
We got to be young and wild together. 
We became grown-ups together. 
And we helped each other
through so much along the way. 

Each year,
each adventure we have 
shows me more
of the amazing person 
you are. 

I can't imagine 
going through this journey
with anyone but you. 
I'm so happy 
you're my wife. 

I remember the first time J.R. hugged me after coming home from his mission. We were in my mom's kitchen and I was beyond nervous to see him; scared would be a better word to describe what I was feeling.
 But the moment that J.R. took me in his arms, with my heart beating close to his, something unexpected happened - my heart spoke to me. She doesn't speak very often (or maybe I just don't listen to her enough) but when J.R. hugged me, I heard her loud and clear.
She said, "I am complete now. This is where I belong." 

Of course this caused me to go from being scared to feeling completely terrified.
Instantly my mind told my heart that she was being ridiculous and tried to silence her.

Out of fear my mind protested, "Everyone says you are to young to know what "real love" is. Plus he's been gone for two years and you've both changed so much. You don't even know each other anymore. Would you even be happy together now?"

But my heart would not argue. She had spoken.

I didn't necessarily follow her fearlessly, but I did follow her.
And i'm so glad that I listened. 

Yes, we were young. But for my journey in life I wouldn't have had it any other way.

The lyrics in one of my favorite country songs by Chris Young says,
"That's how you know it's true.
When a new love feels old,
And an old love feels new."

This is how I describe my love for J.R.
When we first started dating it just felt like we were meant for each other.
And now that we've been in each other's lives for almost 9 years, I can honestly say that I love him more deeply and completely each year.

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