Memorial Day Weekend 2013

I celebrated my Memorial Day by enjoying my freedom - with the people that I love. 

We went to one of our favorite shooting spots outside the town of Ophir.

Ophir is a small mining town and - as you can see - there isn't much out here. 

We love blasting away at clay pigeons. 

J.R. is "top shot" most of the time -

J.R. and Andy

but I'm not bad with a shotgun. 

J.R. showed me this place the first summer that we met each other. 
We've been on quite a few adventures together, but nothing quite like this place. 

Because this is where J.R. found an abandoned mine. 

Am I going to tell you all about how we explored an old, cold, and dusty abandoned mine; and about how terrifying thrilling it is to be deep inside a mountain? ....


I'll let you come to your own conclusions about that. . . 

Chantel and me

But I am going to tell you that there is nothing as fun and wonderful as creating memories and sharing experiences with the people that you love. 

And then just when I thought that our fun day had come to an end. 

It got even better. 

My little sister Chelsea and I decide that it was time to start getting our family horses back into shape. 

We also got to meet a next door neighbor 

Penny and the Mini.

I call her the "Magic Mini". 
She has one brown eye and one blue eye. 

There is something truly magical about her. 

But I guess you could say that about any horse.

Nothing fades away my worries and cares as fast as horseback riding does. 

With every lap around our small arena my heart becomes happier and more at peace with life.  

I thank Heavenly Father for the all opportunities and experiences that he gives me. 

And I'm looking forward to sharing another amazing summer with my family and friends. 

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