Father's Day Fire-pit

It's amazing what can happen when a group of dedicated people put their time and resources together to create something. 

J.R.'s family decided that for Father's Day they wanted to build a brick fire-pit for their dad.

They wanted to build it while John and Shauna were out of town, and so that meant they had a limited time frame and an even more limited budget. 

But with a lot of hard work - they pulled it together. 

They started with a empty corner of the back yard. 

J.R. and Kristen spray painted how they envisioned the fire-pit to look.  

Then they got to work -

J.R. started by tilling up the hard ground. 

After getting the rocky ground mostly level, it was time to "thump" it flat. 

Notice the wheel-barrel full of rocks in the background 

This is the ground after it had been tilled and thumped. 

After the ground was leveled, it was time to add the sand.  
1 Ton of Sand

Next came the really fun part - 

Building the fire-pit. 

And if they look like big kids playing in a sand box, 
that's because it's exactly how it feels to build a fire-pit. 
(except not as fun)  

Even Snuffy wanted to help out.

Next, we laid the brick around the fire-pit.

 This was the probably the most time consuming and back breaking part of the project. 

But it turned out well. 

It's definitely not perfect. 
This was our first time building anything with brick.  

And I think it was more difficult than any of us thought it would be, 
but we finished it in time without breaking the bank. 

When John and Shauna got home that night, they were so surprised to find what we had built. 

We celebrated with a hot dog roast followed by s'mores.

And I'm sure they will be having many more fires this summer.  

So even though it was physically draining and time consuming - 

It was all worth it in the end. 

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  1. You guys are so thoughtful! I am sure they will have many fun memories made sitting around the fire pit.