Jackson Hole Wyoming

We planned sort of a last minute anniversary trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming. 

It seems to rain on every trip that J.R. and I take together.
It rained on our honeymoon, our first year anniversary, and a little bit when we went to Disneyland.
So it only seemed fitting that it rained on us in Wyoming as well.   

We saw some beautiful things in Wyoming. 

Everyone should visit the "Forever West" state at least once. 

We saw some elk, but the pictures didn't turn out that well.

Don't worry though, we got pictures of some cuter animals... 

J.R. loves to speed, and these guys created quite the road block. You can't see it in the picture, but there was about 40 of them in the road. 

When we were in Jackson Hole we did some window shopping.

J.R. bought me the most amazing Stetson cowboy hat. (Picture coming soon)
He was sooo patient with me while I picked it out, because of course I had to try on every single hat in the store before deciding on the perfect one.  

We also ate at the most amazing restaurant called Gun Barrel Stake and Game. 

J.R. ate the Buffalo Sirloin, and now he says that he will never be able to enjoy a beef stake again. 

It is definitely worth the 5 hour drive from Utah.  

(I'm so lucky to have him.)

After dinner we went for a bike ride around town.

Our hotel had beach cruisers that they let their guests use.   

I loved our ride. It was nice to get our legs moving after being in the car for so long.  Plus I have always wanted to try one of these beach bikes - and I was not disappointed.

 They are as fun as they look. 

But for some reason J.R. was a little embarrassed about being seen on a beach cruiser; I guess he thinks they aren't as cool as mountain bikes. 

But I think he liked it a little bit more when he realized he could still jump it. 

(I could live with this as my drive way)

When we returned our bikes to the hotel they had fresh chocolate chip cookies and cold milk in the lobby. 

We grabbed a few of these and headed up to our room for the night. 

This is part of our hotel suite. 

 The next morning Jackson Hole held their annual antler auction called the Elkfest.  

It was amazing.

Afterwards we decide to go for a drive through part of the Grand Teton National Park. We had planned on doing a hike by Jenny Lake, but it had rained so much that everything was cold and muddy.   

The drive was still beautiful though. 

Jackson Lake

Jenny Lake 

We were sad to leave Jackson Hole, but we made promises to return again when the weather was warmer.

For now we will continue on our journey looking for our next adventure together. 

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