Welcome to Simple Luck

I read somewhere that, "Life is a mission in which it is your duty to make the world a better place for having been in it." I try to remember this saying even though some days I forget and I become to self-centered. I know my darkest days are the days I'm focused to much on myself. So I was a little apprehensive to start a blog because, although I would love to share my story and have a place to record my thoughts, I worried about becoming to self-centered.

Then one day I read a quote about Henry David Thoreau that said, "He writes of himself, the subject he knows best. Through his story, he hopes to tell his readers something of their own condition and how to improve it. " And even though Thoreau was considered to be narcissistic - I liked this idea. 
If my life, my story, and this blog could somehow help improve someone's day even for a minute, then it would be worth sharing. 

To me the written word is about learning, sharing, and growing. And hopefully through this blog we can learn and share and grow together. This will be a place where I record the things that inspire me and share the things I love, and maybe by doing so - I can somehow leave this world-wide-web a little bit of a better place for having been in it. 

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