Cute Summer Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Looking for a creative way to tell your family and friends the exciting news? 


With out first pregnancy, we told our family the exciting news at a family BBQ. My mom has a fire-pit in her back yard - so of course we always roast marshmallows. When everyone was gathered around the fire, we passed these individual s'more kits around. The tag says, "We're about to add s'more love to our family."


If you want to make your own, you can get similar items here: 

Gift tags: 

Gift baggies: 

We used a hole punch and punched two holes in the top of each bag, then tied the bag closed with the twine and looped the gift tag through before tying a bow. 

My family loved their individual s'more kits, and said that they were to cute to eat. Haha

With my second pregnancy I really wanted a cute way to tell my co-workers that I was expecting, and nothing helps make the workday go by faster than when someone brings a yummy treat to share. Since it's the summer, I wanted to make them one of my favorite summertime treats: Angel Food Cake. 

So I came up with a cheesy little poem that says,
"Strawberries are Red. 
Huckleberries are Blue. 
Someone is expecting a little Angel. 
In a couple months, it won't be hard to tell who.
Baby Groberg Due Novemember 2017"

I then had some angel food cake, with strawberries, blueberries, and whip-cream for my coworkers to enjoy.  

Everyone loved it!


What are some cute pregnancy announcements you've seen?

J.R.s 31st Birthday

I've been meaning to write this post forever and I'm just getting around to it now. Better late then never!

For J.R.’s birthday in April we went to a driving range called Top Golf with our best friends, and we had so much fun together!

(So sad this picture is blurry.)

We made these plans a few days before J.R.’s birthday, and when we woke up the morning of his big day, it was snowing. The last week in April and it was snowing! I was so worried that the weather would ruin our plans. Thank goodness, Top Golf has climate controlled “bays” for us to play out of, so we were still able to go and have fun.

Top Golf is a unique “high tec” range. From what I’ve been told, there are little sensors in each golf ball and they are able to track which “target” you hit the ball into. Which allows you to earn points for accuracy and distance.

I’ve only ever been miniature golfing so I felt intimated going to a “real” range. I even had to ask J.R. how to hold the golf clubs. As clueless as I am when it comes to golf though, I still had fun.
(Apparently, I swinging the club like a softball bat. Haha)

Anyways, I’m not sure if you can see in the picture, but there are different targets that you aim for and each target has a different point value depending on what kind of “game” your group is playing.

It was a special day, not only because it was J.R.’s birthday, but also because it was the start of the second trimester of my pregnancy.  Whoo hoo! J.R. was so excited to start telling all of our friends and neighbors.

It wouldn't be a birthday party without dessert! We ordered the donut holes to snack on in between taking our swings. They come with different “syringes” that allow you to insert chocolate or cream into the donuts. It was messy, but so delicious! 


We also ordered the chocolate chip cookie s'mores. You can't go wrong here.


These two guys have been friends for decades. (They're more like brothers than friends.) And it's always a good time when we get together.

J.R. says that his birthday could only have been better if we'd all gone to Disneyland together. (Haha!)  Maybe one day the four of us will get there. 

Here's to another year of good friends and fun times together. Happy Birthday J.R.! 

First Glimpse - Baby Groberg

It still almost doesn't seem real, but J.R. and I are expecting a little one to join our family around the beginning of November 2017.  We're excited (and nervous) to share this new adventure in life.

I knew I was pregnant around March 2nd, but it took me a few days to tell J.R.

Our miscarriage in September of 2015 had been really hard on both of us, but I think it especially broke J.R.'s heart. So I was nervous about all the unknowns this pregnancy brought. Would we have another miscarriage? Or would this time be different?

When I told him I was pregnant, he went through all the emotions. Haha. First he was shocked, but when he realized I was being serious, the biggest smile broke out across his face. Then one or two tears might have escaped from his eyes. Happy tears. Which took me by surprise, and made me cry. That hadn't happened the first time.

April 20th, 2017 was our doctors appointment, and our first ultrasound with this pregnancy. I guess neither one of us realized how nervous we were for it. With our first pregnancy, the ultrasound had revealed there wasn't an actual fetus, only the gestational sac. There had been no heartbeat, and no baby.  J.R. told me that he had been holding his breath, expecting the doctor to tell us the same thing this time around.

But it wasn't the same at all! Almost immediately I could see that there was a tiny little human shaped image on the screen. Then the doctor found the heart beat, and the sound filled the room. I thought I would cry, but I didn't because I was so shocked. There was a baby. A tiny blur, and an intensely paced little heart beat.

In the picture above, you can see the outline of the baby's head and ear. Their little arm and hand is extended out above their face.

J.R. is convinced we are having a boy, and he tells everyone that the baby is flexing his arm in the ultrasound. Haha!

After our doctor's appointment, we were both stunned and in so much shock that we got half way home before realizing we'd forgot to go down to the lab for blood testing. Haha.

Later that day as we were eating dinner, J.R paused and looked at me very seriously. "Do you think our baby has a soul already?" he asked.

I'm not entirely sure what the answer is, but it made my heart happy to know that J.R. already cares so much about this little tiny person, that with Heavenly Father, we created together.

Wednesday, May 17th was our second doctors appointment. I'm in my 15th week of pregnancy now, and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat again.

As we were leaving the doctor said to J.R., "You have a great smile. Do you smile like that all the time? Or are you just happy to be a dad?"

J.R. laughed, "Both."